Saturday, November 17, 2012

Flat Rate Moving Labor offers 2 price packages to save you money on your move !

Moving in-town, or just a few miles away? 

We have flat rate moving help labor in your area to do the loading help and unloading help for you.

Relocating out-of-town or out-of-state?

We have experienced moving help in every city & state to help you with your move on each end of your move !

We also offer trucks that comes with driver,dolly,blankets and ramp and labor to load/unload for you for state to state moves!
 Don't worry about driving one of those big ole ugly trucks! Let us do it for you ! We can even Haul your car for you !.

Why pay by the hour when you can pay one flat rate price !

We have noticed lot of movers that charge by the hour always takes advantage of customers that need the service of moving. Lot of these by the hour movers will come and milk your clock and rob you blind by taking their time helping you move. 

We at FlatRateMovingLabor.Com has designed a price package to prevent customers from being ripped off by these BY THE HOUR cost movers ! 

Just pay one price if it takes one hour or 1 whole day ! 

We do offer (By the hour) packages for smaller moves. Ask our reps which package can save you more money !

Flat Rate Moving Labor is the best choice for experienced moving help
labor at a low cost price where you don't have to worry about your help taking all day on the clock !.

Our company sends you experienced moving labor to assist you in loading and unloading help of rental moving trucks and/or storage units/containers at one FLAT RATE PRICE !.

We service every city & state in the United States.
Call and speak to one of our friendly customer service reps today !

Services We Offer 

• Loading Help Labor
• Unloading Help Labor
• Packing help & Unpacking help labor
• Move in/ out cleaning services
• Real Estate cleaning services
• Foreclosure/eviction move outs/cleaning
• Storage shed move in/outs
• Rental moving truck driving service
• Cleaning services


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  2. I have be searching far and wide for a company that REALLY knows how to move. I'll be sure to bookmark this page for future references.